The team

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker, a dedicated journalist, leads the Riverside County News Source team with his extensive experience in covering both local and national news. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for community stories, Daniel ensures that the news delivered is relevant, informative, and engaging for the readers in Riverside County and beyond. His expertise particularly shines in investigative reporting and in-depth analysis of complex issues.

Mason Johnson

Mason Johnson, a dynamic reporter at Riverside County News Source, specializes in covering state news and political happenings in California. His insightful reporting helps keep the community informed about the latest developments in state politics and policies. Mason’s ability to explain complicated political matters in a simple, understandable way makes him a favorite among readers who seek clarity and depth in news.

Grace Murphy

Grace Murphy, a key member of the Riverside County News Source, brings a fresh perspective to local community news. Her articles often highlight human interest stories and local events, capturing the essence of Riverside County’s vibrant community life. Grace’s empathetic approach and storytelling skills make her pieces not just informative but also deeply engaging and relatable.

Calista Everly

Calista Everly, an expert in multimedia journalism at Riverside County News Source, adds a dynamic visual dimension to news reporting. Her talent in photography and video journalism brings stories to life, offering readers a more immersive news experience. Calista’s work is particularly notable in covering cultural events and local happenings, where her visuals tell a story beyond words.

Seren Ashby

Seren Ashby, the newest addition to the Riverside County News Source, focuses on environmental and community welfare issues. With a passion for sustainability and social justice, Seren’s articles often shed light on important but underreported aspects of life in Riverside County. Her commitment to raising awareness about environmental challenges and community initiatives adds a crucial dimension to the news coverage.