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Striking a balance: UC Riverside moves towards divestment amid legal hurdles

Riverside, California - The University of California, Riverside (UCR) has tentatively agreed with pro-Palestine activists to take steps toward divestment from Israeli-linked investments. However, due to a California law enacted in 2016, it remains illegal for entities that receive substantial state funding to engage in boycotts or discriminatory practices...

Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees approves full health insurance coverage for associate faculty

Riverside, California – Last month, the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees unanimously decided to pay the full health insurance premiums for eligible associate faculty members at all three colleges within the district. This decision affects over half of the associate faculty, benefiting not only the professors at...

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Senate Committee approves bill to remove teaching performance assessment in California

Sacramento, California - A bill aimed at removing a key certification test for teachers in California successfully passed the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday...

Redlands secures over $4.5 million in state funds for homeless encampment solutions

Redlands, Ca. - On December 5, the Redlands city council made a unanimous decision to collaborate with selected community organizations. This partnership aims to...